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Region 4 & 6 TCTAC Deep South Center for Environmental Justice comments on new EPA rules for air pollution rules around chemical plants

Beverly Wright, founder and executive director of Region 4 & 6 TCTAC Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, spoke to NPR about the U.S. EPA's new standards for petrochemical plants to reduce toxic air pollution coming from more than 200 chemical plants across the U.S. in order to cut enough cancer-causing emissions to reduce cancer risk by 96% for people living near these industries. "[U.S. EPA Administrator Michael Reagan's] shown a way forward for changing Cancer Alley. Administrator Michael Regan embodies the phrase, 'promises made, promises kept," Wright said. Alabama Public Radio, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, KOSU, Wyoming Public Media, the Louisiana Illuminator, New Orleans City Business, the Louisiana Weekly, KUAF-FM, WUWF-FM, WFDD-FM, WVIA-FM, WLRH-FM, WHRO-FM, WHQR-FM, WEKU-FM, and KTBS-TV shared the NPR report. The Herald-Dispatch, Charleston Gazette-Mail, and other outlets shared Wright's comments on the EPA rule.


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