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Region 2 TCTAC WE ACT speaks to media about NYC heat islands

Representatives from the Region 2 TCTAC WE ACT for Environmental Justice, spoke to various outlets, including Yahoo! News, Gothamist, and The City about the urban heat island effect in New York City, and its disproportionate impact on low income communities and communities of color. "New York City is particularly susceptible to these high temperatures because of our physical design character. We are the concrete jungle," Lonnie Portis, WE ACT's policy and advocacy manager told The City. The Brooklyn Eagle shared The City report. "The urban heat island really creates a very dangerous heat environment for New Yorkers and that it's not equal across the whole city is validated in this study," said Sonia Jessel, director of policy, according to Gothamist.

Image credit: Percy Permeh-mann


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