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Public News Service features Region 7 TCTAC Heartland Center for EJ

Public News Service reported that Region 7 TCTAC, the Heartland Environmental Justice Center (HEJC) at Wichita State University, will serve as a new resource for Nebraska communities and organizations facing environmental justice issues. "Some of these smaller organizations are just so busy doing the actual work on the ground, or don't have staff to do this preparation and grant writing," said Severin. "And so, we're here to kind of help folks get organized and ready for that, and then help them through that process of applying for grants," said Jeff Severin, senior program manager at HEJC. The article also noted that the Center for Rural Affairs is one of the HEJC's eight partners, and the only one based in Nebraska. KMA Radio and Philanthropy News Digest shared the Public News Service report.


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