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Media report on Region 4 & 6 TCTAC Deep South Center for Environmental Justice opposing permits for carbon capture injection wells

DeSmog, Baton Rouge Public Radio, Dredge Wire, Louisiana Weekly, and EHS Daily Advisor spoke to Beverly Wright, executive director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, about local opposition to carbon capture technology and injection wells in light of the EPA approval for such permits. "Our concern is specifically about carbon storage wells that will be exactly in the same communities who have been affected for the last 40, 50 years by the petrochemical industry and their facilities that are fence-lined to many of our communities, but this is not a new fight for us...We’re really concerned about our drinking water," Wright told Dredge Wire. “Adding to the potential harm is relying on the DNR, an agency with a track record of ignoring environmental justice concerns and failing to comply with environmental regulations for decades, to manage it all,” Wright told DeSmog


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